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The Journey

I often find myself going through the strong experiences of a place or a memory, while gathering my inspirations. Replicating those memories in its simplicity and in its complexity through unique Process of designing is a driving force for my practice as an artist. And more often my products are just one aspect of my practice. Its the Design Process I deeply indulge in. I always force myself to unlearn what I know about a technique and start over from a muslin palette.

Yellow Necklace - Vershali Jain(2) copy.jpg

My Graduation work in 2011 was much about finding myself as a jewelry artist.

By painting with enamels and sketching through wire, I tried to create playful yet delicate compositions. The beautiful Scottish foliage was essentially my inspiration.

From processes to patterns, from simplicity to chaos, from colours to decay, everything in the natural environment captivated me and hence were reflected in my designs.

The images below are from my year of travelling around in India, 2012. It was a humbling experience for me to hear from the craftsmen and performers their driving force behind their work and importance of keeping a craft alive. It also made me a little more empathetic towards my cultural heritage.


It’s the joy of making; making something new, fresh and stretching the boundaries of what jewelry is and how it should be made, that motivates me. And I wish to continue my journey of exploring new ideas and materials in the future.

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