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Ek Chidiya : Anek Chidiya

FALL, it always fill me with sweet and spiced nostalgia. Scenery painted in beautiful warm palette as far as I can see. And the sweet sunshine is like of those Indian winter days where kids gather around there grandma for another story.

​Ek Chidiya – Anek Chidiya

(One Bird – Many Bird)

Originally a name of an animated short educational film. The film was intended to teach the value of unity and teamwork to children (Unity in Diversity). It was broadcasted so often on TVs and as kids we loved to see it over and over again. It can still bring out the child in any 80’s kid in India.

The jewelry here is inspired from that strong nostalgia. Simple familiar objects are framed into rhythemic compositions. Wearable as well as playful. Representing the memories of fun, food, colors, music, books, simple conversations..

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