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It is my fresh new project for 2015.

Last semester (Dec 2014), I learned to CAST Metal and Glass at Brooklyn Metal Works and Urban Glass collaborative workshop followed by "Knitted Glass" workshop with glass artist Carol Milne. And this gave me a fresh new direction for my work. Till now I have just explored the basics of the techniques and tried to find my own voice in it.


Casted Glass - Wax model - Casted Brass

Through this project I want to explore metals - glass and metalwork - glasswork techniques I have never worked with before. An overall sense of unconvention and stretching the boundaries of what a material can do if handeled a driving force behind this project.


Casted Glass Objects


Casted Brass Objects


Casted Glass

Sometime the roads you never take suddenly become so much more exciting :)

All comments and suggestions are much welcomed!

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